Gather's mission is to start conversations. Let's take some positive steps to come together for 2021.

Exactly this time last year, Gather launched as a new idea for Cambridge, to celebrate the uniqueness of the City and to bring together the ideas and innovations from across the business spectrum. A year on, 2021 needs something the same, but different.

Introducing a new online professional network:


  • An article based website. A mix between a blog and a ‘TED’ talk as a place to share innovative and inspirational ideas in 10 minute reads.
  • A professional online network for discussion, debate and sharing of ideas. Member only, but free to join and Gather together.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
—Henry Ford

Gather has three aims:


  • To bring people together, particularly at a time when we are all apart. The ability to make immediate connections with like-minded people is something that is greatly missed.
  • Showcase the wonderful ideas and innovations from our city. There are so many ideas that will shape the future and the business community, and this is the place to share them.
  • Most importantly, start the conversation. Whatever your opinion (within reason of course) it’s great to be able to share in a professional discussion to move everyone forward.

Come and get involved.

If you have an idea or innovation, why not share it as an article that would be about a 10 minute read?

There is some guidance here to help you get started and of course all authors will be credited and links back to your business will be added.

If you have an idea, but need some help, just ask.

The site will be opening with the first articles in early March, so keep checking back.

Reading articles will be freely available to the world, but to comment, discuss and meet others requires a free login. This is up and running now, so just head over here to join up.

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